5 Top Tips For Summer Skin Care

The first heat wave of the summer is here. When we do see warmer weather, it certainly cheers us all up. But, bathing in the sunshine is not so great for our skin.

If you want to avoid seeing the dull, dry and scaly skin, as a result of sun damage, read our expert tips for both men and women on how to look after your skin this Summer.

The day of surgery is nearing and you’re undoubtedly bursting with excitement. You’ve already done the hard work of researching and finding your plastic surgeon, asked all the right questions and organised how you’re going to fund your dream surgery. So, what else is left to do?

Preparation is an important part of your journey, so let’s ensure that you are fully equipped with the essential advice and tips you need to plan your stay in hospital and for a comfortable and speedy recovery. 

Tip 1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a vital process to remove dead skin cells to ensure a healthy glow. Some of us are pretty good at exfoliating too, particularly when we have a night out on the town planned and we need our skin to be ‘fake tan ready’!  A helpful tip is to use products with glycolic acid, a key ingredient in a Milk Peel, a chemical peel treatment usually seen in aesthetic clinics. This can effectively remove our dead skin cells, resulting in a hydrated, glowing complexion.  In addition, exfoliating along with applying an SPF moisturizer can help reduce the risk of dry skin during the hot summer months.

Tip 2. Sunscreen

Suitable sunscreen is a must!  Some of us associate sunscreen with going on holiday, but whether you are travelling abroad or staying in the UK, applying a high factor SPF sunscreen, (at least factor 15+ with 4-star protection) every day is a necessity during the summer months! If you don’t apply sunscreen, UVA and UVB rays can cause extensive damage and sunburn. Nobody wants to feel more like a lobster than a goddess!

UV damage can cause our skin collagen and elastin to break down, resulting in premature ageing and an increased risk of photo-damaged skin. This is one of the most common problems addressed by Dermatologists. Typical signs of this can be the visual changes of pigmentation, fine wrinkles, and tactile roughness to the skin.

Tip 3. Warm not hot

Many of us love a nice hot bath or shower after a hard day’s work, but it turns out that bathing in hot water is not ideal for our skin.  Sadly, hot water can strip skin of natural oils which we need to help keep our skin moist. So next time you’re in the shower, turn it down a notch or two and cut your summer baths shorter to around 10 minutes – as the more time spent in water the more your skin is vulnerable to being stripped of protective, natural oils.

Tip 4. Keep moisturised

Having lotions and potions clogging up your bathroom cupboard is pretty normal, but now is the time to make sure you’re getting the best of them. Pick out your moisturisers and slot these into your summer skin routine! Keeping your skin hydrated will ensure your skin cells hold in the moisture, helping your skin to remain softer and plumper for that sun-kissed look all summer long.

The key time to apply your moisturizer is straight after jumping out of the bath or shower, ideally after you have dried yourself off to ensure any existing moisture can be trapped in your skin.

Tip 5. Summer diets

You can eat your way to fabulous looking skin! Alongside our holiday body goals, adopting good nutritional habits, with the right foods, will encourage your skin to glow all summer long.

Foods rich in Vitamin C are needed to support the immune system, promote radiant skin and help blemishes heal properly, ideal if you suffer from acne-prone skin.  Also, foods rich in essential oils and B-complex vitamins help nourish the skin. Fruits such as avocados are so good for your complexion, you can even make masks out of it and smear it right onto your face!

Although some of us might be curbing the carbs to keep our waistline in check, make sure you don’t avoid the good carbohydrates as they can help keep our skin hydrated too. We can find many good carbohydrates, especially in whole foods such as grains and vegetables.

So, this summer, make sure you eat healthily, dig out your moisturiser, avoid hot baths, exfoliate and apply the sunscreen! If you’d like a bit more advice regarding your skin, then come on down to Pall Mall Medical.

Mr Vummiti Krishnan at Pall Mall Cosmetics in Manchester, Liverpool and Newton-le-Willows

What can I do next?

You can see a private dermatologist without any referral from your GP. There are no waiting lists and you can get the advice you need, access to treatments or just peace of mind for a variety of skin conditions, allergies or skin cancer worries. 

We have convenient clinic locations in Liverpool City Centre and Manchester City Centre in addition to a purpose built hospital in Newton-le-Willows. Appointments do NOT require any NHS referrals and are fully private and confidential.

Complete peace of mind. 

Pall Mall Cosmetics have care advisors who are happy to help with any questions and queries. You can call them on 03300 58 44 55 or email team@pallmallcosmetics.co.uk for more information.

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