Choosing The Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Our mum blogger explores the 4 ways NHS surgeons can benefit your cosmetic surgery

You may be considering cosmetic surgery, and if you are, you will likely have dozens of questions from getting the right results to how you can pay for surgery. However, a fundamental question you should be asking yourself is…Have I chosen the best cosmetic surgeon?  

One of the most important ways to ensure you are choosing the best surgeon is in relation to whether this surgeon holds an NHS post. Why is this important? Let me discuss four reasons why choosing an NHS surgeon has many extra benefits.  

Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon

1.) Does your surgeon collaborate and share best practice?

Any practitioner in the NHS will have access to a world-class resource of knowledge and experience. An NHS plastic surgeon is likely to have very good relationships with numerous other highly skilled surgeons across a variety of specialities.  Having a few buddies within the NHS can only be a good thing for prospective patients; as they are likely to exchange knowledge and experiences, surgical technique or even issues and complications that crop up, from time to time. 

Ultimately, by sharing such experiences, it is likely to equip NHS based surgeons with additional knowledge they can bring into their private practice too.

Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon

2.) Does your surgeon handle complex cases?

Typically, surgeons who have an NHS post will have exposure to more regular and complex cases across medical, cosmetic and trauma patients.

How does this help? Well, do you want to see the surgeon with a broad experience of handling difficult or problematic patient cases, or the surgeon who only performs surgery on the ‘same’ case types day after day?

Handling complex cases means a surgeon has up-to-date skills being practiced every week – working with a greater variety of individuals with different medical history, body types or conditions.

Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon

3.) Does your surgeon have a rigorous appraisal process?

In addition to private work requirements, an NHS surgeon will also have to undergo a strict NHS appraisal every year. This means having a formal review process, with qualified peers, to review their performance.

It means knowing your surgeon has had to evidence that they are keeping up to date, maintaining and enhancing the quality of their professional work and they are regularly reviewing their practice and evaluating the quality of their work.

An NHS appraisal is a dependable stamp of quality assurance, where you can be confident the surgeon is fit to practise.

Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon

4.) Does your surgeon have a personal development plan?

NHS plastic surgeons also have access to support and personal development opportunities, whether through training, new research or a strong knowledge base.

When it comes to choosing your cosmetic surgeon, you can rest assured that they will have undergone the extent of regular training that is essential within the NHS. 

The nature of their training means that plastic surgeons are continuously developing new and existing skills, that may enhance their practice with cutting-edge techniques and learning to use new equipment that lead to higher standards of care – lots of things we certainly want as a patient for our own surgical journey!

In summary, there are clear benefits of choosing a surgeon who remains part of the NHS.  At Pall Mall Cosmetics, all surgeons work within local NHS Hospitals and hold substantive surgical posts. So, you can be assured that as a plastic surgeon, they are well placed to deliver exceptional standards of surgery and care for you.

Mr Vummiti Krishnan at Pall Mall Cosmetics in Manchester, Liverpool and Newton-le-Willows

What can I do next?

You can view all of our cosmetic surgeons on our website. Or you can come down to Pall Mall Cosmetics for a free of charge consultation in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Pall Mall Cosmetics have convenient clinic locations in Liverpool City Centre and Manchester City Centre in addition to a purpose built hospital in Newton-le-Willows. Appointments do NOT require any NHS referrals and are fully private and confidential.

Complete peace of mind. 

Pall Mall Cosmetics have care advisors who are happy to help with any questions and queries. You can call them on 03300 58 44 55 or email for more information.

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