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Breast implant removal and breast implant replacement at Pall Mall Cosmetics

Breast Implant Removal & Replacement

Replace your existing implants to update your breast size, shape and appearance

Removing (and re-augmenting) breast implants is a common procedure that allows women the opportunity to re-change the appearance of the breasts. Whilst implants don’t always need to be replaced every 10 years (which is a myth!), many women choose to replace, or remove them, for a variety of reasons! Popular reasons include to increase/decrease the breast size, regain shape/size after childbirth or weight loss or simply to restore the appearance of the breasts after the ageing process. The procedure is carried out through at the same place the first incision was made, so you don’t have to worry about scarring at all. You don’t have to go back to the same surgeon who performed the initial augmentation.

How long will my treatment take?

Procedure Time

60-90 minutes

Do I need to stay overnight following my operation?

Hospital Stay

Day case

How long will be my recovery time post procedure?

Back To Work

1-2 weeks

How much does the treatment cost?


from £3,995

Can I use any pain relief or will I be given anaesthesia?


General anaesthetic

Private finance options available for treatments at Pall Mall Cosmetics


From £54.61 p/m

Breast Implant Removal & Reaugmentation Costs & Procedure Information

An implant replacement is a procedure to remove your old implants and replace them with new ones.

For some women, this can be an opportunity to change the size of their breast implants to something larger or smaller, but other women are simply looking to update their implants to the latest silicone devices available to get the look they want.

Breast implants are not considered to be lifetime devices, which means that additional surgeries can be expected in order to replace them over time. Your body may have changed shape and size since you had your implants fitted, so getting them replaced is an ideal opportunity to make your breasts look more proportionate with your body once again. It might be that you want to change the type of implants used to get the look that you desire.

It could also be the case that you are looking to get your PIP breast implants removed due to the exposure they received in the press recently; you can get your these replaced at Pall Mall Medical as we only ever use approved medical-grade implants.

As the NHS does not frequently fund cosmetic breast implant surgery, most women choose to have the operation done privately. At Pall Mall Medical, we have a team of consultants and plastic surgeons who are highly skilled in helping you to achieve your desired look.

You will first have an initial consultation with one of our specialists where you’ll be able to consider which options are best for you, as well as discussing any changes you would like to be made to the current appearance of your breasts. We offer free consultations in Manchester and Liverpool city centre and Newton-le-Willows.

Each patient is unique – different expectations and as such different requirements. We don’t apply a “one size fits all” approach to cosmetic surgery, and as such the price of the surgery will depend on the exact requirements of your individual procedure. We have included an estimated price range below, but really – we’d love to meet with you first to gain a better understanding of what you are looking for and what we can do to help you achieve the desired outcome.

The first step, should be to book in for a free of charge initial consultation – see the Consultant, so that you can discuss your hopes and expectations. Once the consultant has had a conversation with you, a member of our team will be in touch to provide you with a full quote. This quote will include everything – pre-op, surgery itself, post-op and aftercare.

ServiceLocationPriceFinance – Option 1
Finance – Option 2
Initial consultationManchester, Liverpool, Newton-le-WillowsFree of chargeFree of chargeFree of charge
Breast Implant RemovalNewton-le-Willows
from £1,995
from £36.35 per month
(14.9% APR, 36 months)
from £66.45 per month
(16.9% APR, 18 months)
Breast Implant Removal & Uplift
(see: mastopexy)
from £4,495
from £79.17 per month
(14.9% APR, 48 months)
from £140.77 per month
(16.9% APR, 24 months)
Breast Implant Removal & ReplacementNewton-le-Willows
from £3,995
from £93.76 per month
(14.9% APR, 48 months)
from £166.71 per month
(16.9% APR, 24 months)
Breast Implant Removal & Replacement with Uplift (mastopexy)Newton-le-Willows
from £6,495
from £174.11 per month
(16.9% APR, 24 months)
from £97.92 per month
(14.9% APR, 48 months)

* Default deposit amount (25%) can be varied and costs can be spread over a longer/shorter period, such that the monthly payment amounts are more suited to each individual situation. Please click here for more information on our finance options, including alternative payment models. Or alternately, please ask one of our dedicated team

To book your free of charge, no obligation consultation for a breast implant removal or replacement with one of our expert Consultant Breast Surgeons, simply call our cosmetic team on 0330 058 4455 or email

We offer appointments in all 3 of our clinic locations: Liverpool city centre, Manchester city centre and in Newton-le-Willows (St Helens, just 1 mile from jnc 23 of the M6).

Our specialist Patient Coordinators are Helen Stuart & Sara Greenshields.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Recovery after the removal of breast implants is generally shorter than the recovery after the original enlargement surgery, and you can also expect less discomfort this time around. Obviously every patient is different, and this won’t necessarily be the case for everyone.

Although you may not experience significant discomfort, it is worth keeping in mind that you have still undergone a surgical procedure and it is important that you don’t rush straight back into strenuous activity.

There is no set time limit as to when you will need to replace your implants. The general rule is, if you aren’t having any problems with your implants, and your breasts are soft and in good shape leave them alone!

After you have had your implants for a while, is advisable to schedule routine check ups with your consultant to ensure that your implants are intact.

Although it is rare for non-PIP implants to rupture, there are a couple of tell tale signs to look out for. In the case of saline implants, the breast may deflate and visibly become smaller if the implant has ruptured. Saline is a natural substance so will not pose any health risk.

Silicone ruptures are harder to detect as the silicon tends to remain in the area of the leak. Your surgeon will be able to identify a silicon leak by a thorough examination, although the most accurate way of detecting a leak is through an MRI scan.

Start a conversation

If you have any questions – whether you can’t find the answers on our website, or just curious! Get in touch with our lovely Patient Coordinators Helen & Sara by calling 0330 058 4455 or email


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